Have you ever wondered about having a spray tan? Well, I have.

I always feel a lot more confident with a tan but have only ever gained a tan naturally, on holidays or just being outside in the sun. During the rest of the year when the suns not shining the idea of a spray tan has crept into my mind numerous times but my worries of turning out as an Oompa Loompa have always stopped me. However, I have decided to take the risk and I have booked in my first ever spray tan with I Love a Dan Tan.

In the lead up to my spray tan, a number of reservations began to build up. Number 1, was I going to turn out like an Oompa Loompa. Number 2, how naked did I need to be and finally number 3, was it going to be an even tan or was it going to turn out like an obvious fake tan.

It was the day before my spray tan and it was time to prep my skin. I had received detailed information on how to prep from Danielle. I’m not usually one to spend time on making my skin healthy, removal of make-up and a quick bit of moisturiser is generally as far as it goes. However, to prep for a spray tan meant I needed to do a little bit more work. First off I jumped in the shower and shaved my underarms and legs. I then proceeded to use a light exfoliator scrub and exfoliator glove on my skin from my face to my toes, making sure all dead skin was removed not leaving any patchiness to chance. I then proceeded to shower and I finally lathered myself in moisturiser. It was the most care I had taken over my body for a long time, it felt good to be pampered and the process left my skin looking much healthier. I then packed a bag of old, baggy clothes to take with me, staying very clear of anything white.

It was spray tan day and I woke up with butterflies in my stomach but nevertheless I was ready to cease the tan. Arriving at the appointment I met Danielle (I Love a Dan Tan) who was not only going to give me my spray tan but who had also created the spray tan solution after studying biochemistry. Danielle was very welcoming and was happy to answer any questions that I had.

We went to a room where there was a changing area and just next door was the spray tan tent all set up and ready to go. Now I know you’re all wondering, did I have to strip completely,  the answer was no, I kept my underwear on. If I’m honest I like a tan line just so you can prove that you most definitely are tanned. However, if you want to go starkers that’s completely acceptable as well. As the spray tan began, Danielle asked for various position changes to ensure that my whole body was covered, it was a very relaxed process and I forgot that I was practically nude, chatting away with Danielle like we were old friends. The spray tanning process felt like I was having cold air sprayed all over my body and before I knew it the tan had been applied and I was ready to go.

Danielle supplied me with information on aftercare and I was off in my old, baggy clothes slightly afraid to touch anything. As the evening went on, I noticed that my tan was getting increasingly dark which Danielle had warned me previously. I was to leave the tan alone for 8 hours, staying away from any watery substance. Once the time was up, I jumped in the shower to wash off the excess solution and patted myself dry.

The good news was, I didn’t look anything like an Oompa Loompa and there was no patchiness. I was left with a sun-kissed glow all over my body. I felt like I looked healthy and I was really happy with the outcome.

As you can see my reservations were unnecessary and I would definitely recommend the whole spray tan process to anyone. And to all those people out there who are secretly wanting to try a spray tan but are letting the nerves get in the way, just go for it, I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised and possibly become a spray tan addict.

Massive thanks to Danielle for making my first spray tan a really good experience.